Woby Baby Toy Dancing Hip Hop DJ Drum Development Musical Dance Voice Recording Educational Learning Gift


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  • DJ drum activity toy for 1 year old toddler baby boy girl as best gift, such as birthday, Christmas, Easter, Party and so on.
  • Best Choice for baby! Novelty interactive electric dancing toy can effectively promote the children’s movement, language and imagination.
  • This educational learning hip hop drum toy is designed to encourage more children to practice singing and imitation and helps to promote sensory awareness as well as motor and language skills.
  • Woby multifunctional toys: Sturdy and Strong Quality(which is made of high quality non-toxic materials), Bright and Colorful,Automatic Rotating Functions.
  • For 18 months+. Require 5x AA batteries (Notice: not included).
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Hip Hop DJ Drum toys is suitable for children aged over 18 months who are able to walk and jump around.
The baby has been able to walk smoothly, sometimes running and jumping.
They are able to using simple knowledge (such as self-singing), feeling the novelty of the transaction, doing actively imitate.

More Important Points for DJ Drum:
• Interactive drum: Hit the drum to create sound effects, or touch the animals to play a song in different voice.
Press and hold the drum top about 2-3 seconds to turn the toy on or off.

• Rotate hat: to swich between 4 difference styles of music and play the drum to crate your own rhythm.
• 2 Mode settings: Mode 1 is dance mode. Mode 2 is drum mode.
• 4 Settings

Buttons on DJ Drum Toy Foot Function:
A: Next Button: Skips to next song
B: Volume Button: 5 different volume settings. Default settings is 3 setting.
C: Record Button: Talking toys to 4 words. The DJ drum will turn your phrase into a song. Align your mouth with the microphone and record after the deep.
D: Dance Button

Early Learning Tips:
▪ Physical Activity: The DJ drum encourages youngsters to imitate movements and expercise their bodies. This help to improve coordination skills and creativity.
• Hand-eye coordination: The drum helps to imporve hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
• Musical skills: The drum helps to improve children’s sensitivity to music and rhythm.
• Creativity: The record feature sound effects allow children to create their owm songs and use their imagination.

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